Melting & casting

The production of liquid steel

The melting procedure of scrap, iron, alloys and recycled material is performed in optimal configuration with our delivery programme. Using three medium frequency induction furnaces we are able to produce 2.500 kg liquid steel per charge. During the heating and melting process, a bath movement mixes all components to a homogeneous melt. Well-timed actions like Argon flushing ensure the elimination of oxids and gas.

The foundry

When the melt is finally heated to ca. 1700°C, the liquid metal is filled into bottom pour ladles and cast into the moulding forms. The cast system ensures an even distribution of the melt over the entire moudling form. An optimal feeder technology ensures that the direction of solidification is correct and that no abnormabilities get into the material. After cooling down, the casting is seperated from the moulding materials by using crushing machinery. The sand is removed to a reprocessing plant and can be reused for further mouldings.