Coreshop & moulding plant


Cores are needed to realise special geometric shapes (cavities and undercuts) that cannot be moulded with a single nature pattern. The cores are made in our own coreshop and are integrated to the sand forms before filling. Thus we ensure that the geometric shape of the castings complies to the costumers´ requirements.

Moulding plant

The sandform is a negativ copy of the required casting. For the moulding procedure a corresponding pattern is needed, to generate the mould cavity. In our hand- and machine-moulding shop we are able to produce castings with unit weigths from 10 - 5.000kg. The moulded form consists of a sand - and binder mixture that is selected in relation to weight, geometric shape and material of the casting. The interplay of cooling systems (chills), melt reservoirs (feeder) and a special gating-system with filtration finally allows the production of high-quality castings.