Pattern shop

Building of geometric shapes

Having drawn up the work papers, based on the previous simulation, the production starts in our company-owned pattern shop.

Patterns provided by the costumer

The costumer has the possibility to provide a pattern for his order. In this case, our qualified pattern makers check the pattern according to the drawing and prepare it for the following moulding process. If desired, we can also do reparations or modifications on your pattern.

Pattern production

The manufacture of new patterns made of wood, metal or plastic will be performed with greatest precision.
Based on the costumers´ drawing, we design a drawing for pattern construction. This special drawing includes machining allowances for shrinkage compensation and many other important features.

Pattern management

In our stock we handle several hundred patterns.The majority of these patterns is owned by us, but if desired, we would also like to store and preserve our costumer patterns. This gives the advantage of a timely provision and shorter production time, in case of follow-up orders.

Would you like us to store your patterns? We take care of everything that relates to your pattern. That includes professional storage, maintenace and order-related modifications.

Following our philosophy: Everything under one roof!