Work Preparation & simulation

Determination of the optimal cast system using simulation software

Work Preparation

Our work preparation department even handles your inquiries in an early stage of the project.
Apart from a feasibility study and in addition to generating resource plans, all production processes are planned and recorded. 

The feasibility study includes mould filling - and solidification simulations. At this early stage we identify and eliminate process relevant problems and specify the optimum cast system.

In case of an order, this comprehensive proceeding work is adopted, adjusted and used as technical base for the following manufacturing processes.

Identify material abnormabilities using simulation software

The solidification simulation locates heat centers in the material. With this knowledge gained from this process, it is possible to optimise the cast system with focus on used feeders and chills.

Using this system, we can predict porosities and various abnormabilities in the material. This makes preventive actions successful.

The simulation of mould filling, which should proceed without any turbulences, allows the determination and checking of the gating system. 

For some materials it is possible to simulate the heat treatment and to calculate the resulting properties and the microstructure of the material.

An FEM analysis of main tensions shows critical sources of stress, which can be prevented by corresponding heat treatments or a slight cooling.

Finally, our software tools combined with many years of experience enable us to produce castings even before the first casting.
Thus we can guarantee compliance with all costumer requirements such as quality, costs, and delivery date.